PWN Global: Entrepreneurship Committee - Marketing and Communications Director


This is your opportunity to make the difference!!! Join the PWN Global Entrepreneurship Committee now! We are looking for a Marketing and Communications Director to join our virtual team. 

Do you have 4 hours a week available? Do you know how to get things done? Are you interested to support a non-profit with your skills and ready to learn and grow together? 

  • Marketing and Communications Director: You support the committee and all it's activity through marketing and communications, from strategy to implementation plan. You write relevant and compelling copy and liaise with our Head of Marketing. You have knowledge of and/or interest in social media, writing about women in business and creating awareness.

Getting involved is a great way for you to see that the PWN whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. If you would like to be involved then please reach out to PWN Global's VP Entrepreneurship, Patricia Zeegers

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