Tatiana Panyukova-Adragna
Co-President, PWN Nice Côte d'Azur

Empassioned about the positive impact the intercultural connexions can have on value creation and societal development, I am happy to support the PWN Nice mission, focused on empowerment of women’s professional lives. My vision of leadership - a dedicated, empathic and purpose-driven approach - has been enriched by being a lecturer in higher education; an entrepreneur in the making; and, provider of custom experiences within global corporate & sports hospitality environments. A strong believer of enabling people’s capabilities, I am inspired to bring strategic project management perspectives to the non-profit sector, and to share knowledge acquired from operating collaborative teams in multi-faceted environments. Committment to serve the PWN mission resonates with my personal belief that efforts invested in driving growth, of a dynamic and inclusive network, result in valuable and sustainable social change.