Award winning Virtual Entrepreneurship Program 2017

"Developing business through mind, body and heart"

PWN is proud to launch the Virtual Entrepreneurship Program, which aims to empower professional women to pursue and achieve their business goals and aspirations.

This award winning program is an incredible opportunity to grow your self, your aspirations and your business.

Our aim is to encourage professionals to pursue and achieve their business ideas and professional purpose, while, at the same time, learning how to protect your physical, intellectual and spiritual requirements as a leverage to grow your business value.

As an entrepreneur the success of the goals you pursue, arises not only from the protection of the business itself, but also from the care and protection of your invisible business assets, and your own wellbeing is part of it.

This program consists of experiential and reflective learning to enhance your personal and professional capacities and abilities, and to embody the necessary skills for growth and sustainable development. This is about staying connected to the ongoing drive and support to achieve your goals; is about learning the hard skills to organize a business, and is also – and most of all – about building the necessary stamina to change the conversation from what we can’t do, to ‘what we can do’.

How to register

To join the Entrpreneur Program for the next year please send us an email to entrepreneurs@pwnmunich.net

The program is sponsored by

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