Perfect Timing for the PWN Global Virtual Entrepreneurship Program


Our new program to support entrepreneurs from all over the globe has been launched by PWN Global in collaboration with EU Business School.

The program offers a truly international entrepreneurship training experience, with 87 participants in the program who stem from over 29 cities in Europe and beyond.

This flexible, part-time program launched at the start of June and will run for 9 months. Participants range from those who want to nurture the seed of their business idea, right through to those who are seeking to upscale their existing entrepreneurial businesses.

The program comprises modular, online monthly training sessions, with tailored coaching circles and mentoring support to help participants put the learning into action.

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  • Want to sign up for an individual session from our program? Keep your eyes on the PWN Global event calendar for details.


Virtual Entrepreneurship Program 2020 Wins:

  • If you missed our press release, you can read it here and share it with your own networks. Together we rise ! 
  • The Virtual Entrepreneurship Program 2020 has seen the highest number of participants to date.
    • 87 Participants have signed up for Program 2020
    • Participants from across 20 City Networks
    • The Program has generated new members for City Networks
  • We delivered our very first module of the program










Join us at our upcoming event 

Module 2: Connecting with your Core | 10 July 2020 13:00 GMT - 15:00 GMT


 Who can participate?

This is an interactive webinar for participants of the PWN Global Virtual Entrepreneurship Program 2020. As this webinar is part of the Program, access to Program participants is free.

The webinar is also open to anyone interested in the topic. If you are not a participant of the PWN Global Virtual Entrepreneurship Program 2020, you can sign up by clicking on the Register Now button, and paying the respective fee (€20 for PWN Global Members, and €45 for non-members).

Please note that you will receive a registration confirmation after your payment has been confirmed



If you would like to get in touch with our committee, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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