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PWN Munich

PWN Munich stands for: Advancing, Empowering and Inspiring women in business and leadership.

We believe that leveraging 100% of the world’s talent will result in better decision-making and an economically sustainable, happier society. We aspire to accelerate the pace of change and to inspire our community to embrace new skills, support one another and put reforms into action.

We are engaged toward: providing professional women with the network, skills, tools and resources enabling them to actively managing their careers.

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Why every business should have a returnship scheme By Ann Pickering Ann Pickering, O2’s HR director, talks about O2’s commitment to social mobility and career returnships. The challenges faced by women returning to the workplace cost the UK an estimated £1.7bn a year in lost economic...


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What we offer

  • Mentoring

    At PWN Munich, Mentoring is one of the key programs of our organization and a major acti...

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  • Entrepreneurship

    Virtual Entrepreneurship Program 2016 "Developing business through mind, body and heart...

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  • Networking / Events
    Networking / Events

    Our Events PWN Munich specializes in organizing and hosting workshops, seminars, presenta...

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  • Me-Totem

    What is the Me-Totem Project? The Professional Women’s Network has been working on a ...

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  • Knowledge

    Our Library In collaboration with our global network, PWN hosts a wide range of resourc...

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  • Partners

    Dear Partners PWN Munich works with local partners within Munich and we look always for n...

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What Skills Differentiate Women Who Make It To The Top?

What does it really take for women leaders to make it to the top in the business world? Over the past 20 years, we’ve compiled the world’s largest database of testing results on emotional intelligence—approximately 2 million people worldwide. The Emotional Quotients Inventory (EQ-i 2.0) is the first and most widely used emotional intelligence test in the world. 

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