• Mentoring

    Mentorship Program 2018

    Mentoring is one of the key programs of our organization and a major activity of our network.

    Free of charge to our Munich members

    We're on the lookout for new candidates. Are you interested in becoming a Mentor or a Mentee for our 2018 Program? Connect with us and find out about our matching program.

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  • Entrepreneurship

    Award winning Virtual Entrepreneurship Program 2017

    "Developing business through mind, body and heart"

    PWN is proud to launch the Virtual Entrepreneurship Program, which aims to empower professional women to pursue and achieve their business goals and aspirations.

    This award winning program is an incredible opportunity to grow your self, your aspirations and your business.

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  • Networking / Events

    Our Events

    PWN Munich specializes in organizing and hosting workshops, seminars, presentations, networking sessions and webinars. We strongly believe in the value of face-to-face meetings and learning in a community environment.

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  • Me-Totem

    What is the Me-Totem Project?

    The Professional Women’s Network has been working on a special program with the European Union, the Me-Totem Project, aimed at advancing women into senior leadership positions. The project focused on establishing mentoring relationships to advance women in various stages of their careers and also identified challenges facing women in career development.

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  • Knowledge

    Our Library

    In collaboration with our global network, PWN hosts a wide range of resources. The PWN Global membership base is home to some incredible thought leaders who are experts in their fields.

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  • Partners

    Attention Diversity and inclusion/Talent Development Leaders

    PWN Munich is an international network of professional women based in Munich. We are working to expand our partnerships with local, strategic companies to connect with employees and enhance and promote your company's diversity and balanced leadership initiatives.

    The goal is to raise your company’s visibility as an organization that is making strides in gender balance.

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