We stand for: Advancing, Empowering and Inspiring women in business and leadership. We believe that leveraging 100% of the world’s talent will result in better decision-making and an economically sustainable, happier society. We aspire to accelerate the pace of change and to inspire our community to embrace new skills, support one another and put reforms into action.

We are engaged toward: providing professional women with the network, skills, tools and resources enabling them to actively managing their careers


To become the most recognized professional women’s organization in Munich and to achieve a fairer representation of professional women in all sectors and industries.



PWN Munich aims to be made up of individuals who respect each other’s unique set of strengths and talents and who value and appreciate that diverse teams produce better quality results. Listening to and hearing differing points of view is a virtue and a necessity. The ability to give and receive constructive feedback is an important part of building an effective team.


PWN Munich’s members share the strong belief that being transparent and authentic with each other is a key success factor for a volunteer based association, where trust is a must.

Courage and Commitment

Be brave to advance real change, do the best you can and make it happen!

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