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Virtual Entrepreneurship Live Webinar: Business Model Canvas, Part 2

This Module follows up on the previous Module, Business Model Canvas Part 1, in which you learned a business model concept that allows you to describe and think through your personal and/or organizational business model, your competitors, or any other enterprise. Now that you have the necessary knowledge and tools and you worked on your own Business Model Canvas, this session is all about value proposition.

Special opportunity: get personalised feedback on your Business Model Canvas!

The topic of the Business Model Canvas is split in two Modules. Upon registration, you will get FREE access to the recording of the previous Business Model Canvas session, which took place on Friday 6 November, so that you complete your knowledge journey.

For more information, or to register for this event, please click here

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 Message from our Global VP of Entrepreneurship


"Where women work, economies grow" is a recent statement from the World Economic Forum. Combine that with the proven advantages of gender balanced leadership and the fact that small and medium sized business generate more than 99% of jobs in most countries around the world and it's an easy equation that we need to focus our attention making sure women step up in the world of entrepreneurs and build thriving businesses.

PWN, now more than 30 years the instigator of the gender balance leadership discussion is ideally suited to take on the challenge of bringing more women into the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and making sure they come prepared.

'Developing Business through Mind, Body and Heart' offers participants a hands-on resource to enhance personal and professional skills and capacities, discover and foster sustainable goals, build trust and relationships through collaborative methods, while attaining a greater sense of integrity.

This program not only offers women the necessary ongoing drive and support to achieve their goals, but most of all, it helps them build the stamina to change the conversation from what they can't do, to what they can do.

Patricia Zeegers
Global VP of Entrepreneurship



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